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WEDNESDAY 1:30 - 2:00pm

"Keeping it Reel" should be your first option when deciding what movie, if any, you should spend your hard-earned money to see.

Hosted by Shawn Kotzen and co-hosted by Kyle Hudson, "Keeping it Reel" provides unflinching and completely honest (some might say too honest) reviews of the latest movies that have been released - either at the box office or on DVD, Blu-Ray or digital download.

Combine these no-holds-barred critiques with interviews, featuring everyone from film critics to industry insiders to local celebrities, add a hefty helping of obscure pop culture references and top it all off with a strange sense-of-humor and an outside-the-box perspective and you've got yourself "Keeping it Reel" - WCHE1520's only show "solely dedicated to movies, movies, and everything to do with movies."

Shawn Kotzen is a film critic and staff writer for Entertainment Tell. He also is a behind-the-scenes and on-air contributor to the News Department at WCHE1520 and delivers the sports news during the daily "News at Noon" segment. Shawn's film reviews can also be heard every week on WCHE's "Morning Magazine Show," providing his undaunted opinion over the airwaves for Bill and Doug.

Shawn is a recent recipient of a BA from Temple University (School of Communication and Theater) and is also a graduate of Delaware County Community College (DCCC). Shawn also was a staff writer for DCCC's school newspaper, "The Communitarian," where he received a Collegiate Keystone Press Award in 2010 for a review he did for the movie "Paranormal Activity."

As far as his movie qualifications go, Shawn has seen almost every movie ever made (well...close to it, anyway), while spending 5 years of his life working in and managing video stores (remember them?). Also, as a film critic, Shawn is able to attend screenings of films - days, weeks, and sometimes months - before they hit theaters. Therefore, he'd be able to recommend to you - some time in advance - whether a movie is worth seeing or not.

In addition to his reviews for Entertainment Tell and WCHE1520, Shawn has interviewed a number of celebrities, such as "Evil Dead" director Fede Alvarez, comedians and stars of the upcoming film "The Heat" - Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin, and even WWE Superstar Heath Slater.




105 West Gay Street, West Chester PA 19380
Business line 610-692-3131
Call-in line 610-701-WCHE (9243)

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